Wednesday, March 17, 2010

deja vu all over again...Happy St. Patricks Day 2010 I guess I took a little break...a whole year to be exact.

I got really behind in my blogging last spring and I had every intention of going back and filling in the blanks. Then, the idea of that task got overwhelming because there was so much to catch up on! So then I thought I would get a fresh start at the beginning of 2010 and January came and went without one post. As I was taking a picture of Audrey's leprechaun trap again this year, it made me think of my last post....

So now I'm back. And hopefully this time to stay...and I'm starting from today...

So, today is St. Patrick's Day and here are the pictures of Audrey's leprechaun trap (Version 2.0) for school. This year she decided to go a different route. She and Jay glued a pot of gold to the top of a very festive green hat and made a rainbow coming out of it. Then they put double sided sticky tape on a ladder that led up to the pot of gold. Unfortunately, she didn't catch "Leppy" today, but she said that they did see his footprints and that he left her and the other kids in her class lots of treats.

(please excuse the camera lens is acting up these days...)

In other "green" (really more brownish) news, Jay just ordered Reed his first set of camouflage gear. What a big day in a little boy's life! (at least in the McKnight household)

Lately, Jay has been taking Reed to the woods with him to look for turkeys (turkey season starts Easter weekend) and ride the 4 wheeler. It has been so awesome to see how much Reed is enjoying spending "man" time with his Daddy. And, Jay is so excited that Reed is loving being out in the woods and getting dirty. Here's my cute little man ready to spend some time outdoors...

And just for good measure, here's my other little leprechaun... Can't leave her out! : D

So that's it for now... It's good to be back!

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